Imagine NEVER having to Struggle with content ideas for Social Media….

And know that you have 365 days of done-for-you Social Media Content to strategically attract and engage your Sustainable audience, and help you stand out as a Eco Leader in your field. 

Put your ethical marketing on autopilot and learn strategies that will enable you to connect with your eco audience and build trust!



What’s inside?

  • 365 Days done-for-you Social Media Content 
  • 2 x Video Lessons
  • BONUS Eco Hashtag Swipe File
  • BONUS Tools & Resources 
  • BONUS 21 Day Deep Healing Rewiring Audio Mediation 
  • Lifetime Access  
  • Custom Workbook  

The hardest thing about content marketing is - thinking about all the ideas for content marketing.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could:


  • Know exactly what to post online to engage & grow your sustainable audience 
  • Strategic done-for-you prompts and engagement boosting content ideas 
  • Plan weeks/months worth of content in a fraction of the time it's currently taking you 


We have created a content calendar that is literally life saving and takes away the stress of social media.

Because I know you have been here before….


Let’s Set the Scene:

It’s your ideal posting time, you know your audience is online and you know you haven’t posted a *cough* a while … you stare blankly at your screen...and crickets, nothing, nanda.

Been here?

Finding the time to come up with fresh ideas, create engaging content AND run your Ethical  Business is exhausting!


But you know how POWERFUL Social Media is in increasing your brand awareness & attracting more of your ideal followers and potential customers. 


And you also know that if you want to GROW your brand awareness and attract the RIGHT people you have to show up often. 


Yes, I Need This! Instant Access limited time offer for only $49.95

Hi, I’m Petria Leggo-Field 

I’m the founder of Coco Rose Eco, a sustainable warrior mum to 4 children who helps eco entrepreneurs make a bigger impact by becoming more visible and making more sales.

I am also the founder of the Coco Rose Community, and super proud to gather a community of like-minded people who are ready to embrace a more sustainable business. 

Our aim is to support and guide you to take small steps in the right direction  to enhance your business by making better choices for the benefit of your family, the environment and the future of our planet.



Eco Hashtag Swipe File 
300+ hashtags specifically designed for Sustainable Businesses! I’m giving you a massive head start and removing some of the heavy research by giving you an Eco Hashtag ‘Little Green Book’.  This super handy file has over 300+ of the top Ethical Hashtags so you can get visible and be found by the people that matter most!
Integrating these with your content calendar will be the kickstart you need in marketing your business on Instagram.


Valued $99


 Tools & Resources 
Access to my go-to Tools, Apps and Resources you need to grow your online eco business, that I have only previously shared with the Coco Rose Community Members.  I’m using all of these & only recommend tools I actually love.

Valued at $49

21 Day Deep Healing Rewiring Audio 
This audio is made with pure love, as a gift to you to help you rewire your brain while you sleep and heal you deeply.  It has powerful Eco affirmations embedded in the mediation music, to help you grow more confidence as an eco warrior.  
When listened to 21 Days straight you are retraining your brain to think more positively and create the confidence that your business can make an Impact on our Planet. We believe in the power of the subconscious and have made and used this very audio track to change our own lives. 

Valued $149



If you buy the Sustainable Content Calendar for Success and don’t love it.  Just email [email protected] within 7 days and I’ll refund you in full - no questions asked.

You have lifetime access to everything inside the Sustainable Content for Success, so you can complete it at your own pace.

Why you want it


Build and Nurture a healthy Social community 

Streamline your processes for producing content consistently 

Build trust and brand awareness with potential customers 

There’s more for You!  (instead of bullet points could these please be ticks?

  • 365 Days done-for-you Social Media Content 
  • 2 x Video Lessons
  • BONUS Eco Hashtag Swipe File
  • BONUS Tools & Resources 
  • BONUS 21 Day Deep Healing Rewiring Audio Mediation 
  • Lifetime Access  
  • Custom Workbook 

Ready to become more organised and schedule your social media content without all the stress?



(price includes GST for Australian Customers)


Once you’re inside you have lifetime access to everything inside the Sustainable Content for Success.  Which means you can move at your own pace and refer to ANYTHING whenever you need to


What’s holding you back?

Strategic Content?

Idea Generation? 

Time to Create? 


If you have experienced at least 1 of these things I’m here to tell you the struggle ends today

Social Media doesn’t have to be a bore, nor does it have to be just another one of those things ‘you have to do’. 


Social media is a powerful machine and when you use it properly it can amplify your impact on our planet.


What other Advertising Platform allows you to advertise for free? 


A content calendar with 365 content marketing prompts for you to download every time a content block pops up to say hi and you think “what on earth and I going to share today?”


Think of this as like your little Green Book - a book that will save you countless hours and lots of head scratching and is guaranteed to have you getting more visible and making a bigger impact.


Each day is a prompt of what to post or talk about and the best bit? It’s tailored just for Ethical Business Owners who have connected their passion and purpose 


Video Tutorials that simplify social media for busy eco entrepreneurs 

Brain Rewiring Audio - because if you don’t believe that you can show up and make an Impact, truthfully you will never show up and make an Impact

Eco Hashtags tailored for your Ethical Business to get you more visible 


Where can you use these Prompts?

  • Instagram
  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Twitter 
  • Live Videos 
  • Facebook Groups 
GET YOUR CALENDAR $49.95 for a limited time only